Monday, November 23, 2009

Book Review: The Well-Behaved Child

The Well-Behaved Child: Discipline that Really Works! by John Rosemond

This book is described as a discipline program based on biblical principles, traditional parenting approaches, and common sense. In a nutshell, parents are parents, not friends.

I enjoyed this book. As a mom, I am familiar with the battles that often arise and the accompanying feeling of helplessness when I have tried everything I can think of to maintain control of the situation. According to this book, I have NOT tried everything. While many of the methods suggested seem extreme, I can also see where they would work. “Shock and awe” makes the point, not through abuse, but through consequences. I would recommend this book to parents who need to regain control and to those who find it difficult to separate raising a child from being his or her friend.

Review: Simply an Inspired Life

Simply an Inspired LIfe, by Mary Anne Readmacher and Jonathan Lockwood Huie

I'll make this short and sweet.  Yuck!  This book would have been better titled Death By Metaphor. It was full of trite references and was one of the worst books I have read recently. Save yourself the time - life is too short to read bad books.