Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: When to Speak Up & When to Shut Up

When to Speak Up & When to Shut Up  by Dr. Michael D. Sedler is a book I probably need to read frequently, as I suffer from foot in mouth disease.  Dr. Sedler discusses how to discern your motives for speaking out and then whether silence would be more or less beneficial.  He also acknowledges that you may have to speak out in difficult situations, when you know people don't want to hear something.  However, when you weigh the cost of silence against the risks of speaking the truth, you will know what to do.  It isn't easy to stay quiet when you are dying to interject your opinion, but sometimes it is the right thing. 

I enjoyed all of this book except for the last chapter, which was more of an auto-biography of the author. While I appreciate his wanting to clarify where he comes from, it really didn't add anything to the book.  Other than that, the book is well worth a look.

I received a review copy at no cost from Chosen Books in exchange for my unbiased opinion.  If you have read my other reviews, you know I don't hesitate to speak out when I don't like a book!

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