Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Big Cleanse

You may have noticed a long run of book reviews.  Well, it's about to stop.  Why?  The Big Cleanse.

I have been reading other blogs about being true to yourself and treating yourself well.  I have failed at both recently.  I got so caught up in who I thought I might want to be that I forgot who I am.  In my rush to become a "blogger" I signed up for all sorts of review programs, researched ways to make money on my blog and obsessed over it without accomplishing much.  After I finished my last batch of reviews I realized I wasn't having fun.  Yuck.  Plus the blog was getting mighty boring - I wouldn't want to read it either.


Baby Steps.

The Big Cleanse:

Step One: Finish all outstanding book reviews I have been assigned and from now on only review things that I read or did because I wanted to.  I'll still accept requests, as I've found some awesome books that way, but only if the book really interests me in the first place.  STATUS:  DONE!

Step Two: Stop collecting (that's the nice word for hoarding).  I have more junk that I have kept just in case I might need it one day (fabric sample books, anyone?  anyone?).  It's making the house feel heavy, so out go many things that I can't think of a need for in the next month or two.  If nothing else, it will make me use them if I feel that strongly about getting rid of them.  STATUS: in progress, but going well.  The thrift shop and trash can are my friends.

Step Three: Start concentrating on things that are important and/or fun for me.  That includes family, church, Triune Mercy Center, friends, exciting new business ideas and opportunities (more on that in another post), and living in general!  STATUS:  in progress and taking off - already have several fun friend/family trips planned, books I want to read just for the heck of it (BTW Carl Hiaasen's Skin Tight is great brain cheetos), fun creative group with some great gals and some cool business things going on.

Step Four:  Treat the body better - yeah, I have to get off my lazy rear and exercise and eat better.  STATUS: working up the energy.

More later!

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