Friday, January 21, 2011

Repost of Discoveries and Blogs

My apologies if you have read this before - in Cleansing my blog, I was horrified at how many of the posts were just plain old book reviews. How boring. But there were a couple posts I am proud of for the info they contain, so I am going to repost the information to bring it to the front of the new and improved Books, Blogs and Assorted Musings:

Today's Discovery: TAZO white cranberry (white tea with white cranberry juice), found in the refrigerated section of Whole Foods. Can I just say YUM?! I am usually only a hot tea drinker (which almost got me expelled from the Southern Chicks' Association - they believe sweet tea is the only appropriate non-alcoholic drink) but this ROCKS!

Today's Blog/Site: Check out - started by Duke grads, so you know it's good! For example, did you know the following about Sesame Street:

Oscar the Grouch used to be orange! Jim Henson decided to make him green before the second season of Sesame Street. How did Oscar explain the color change? He said he'd gone on vacation to the very damp Swamp Mushy Muddy and he turned green overnight.

I get the magazine and the emails, both of which are incredible sources of information that will amaze and confound your friends as they wonder where you get the time to learn such trivia. Your secret is safe with me!

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