Sunday, May 29, 2011

Desks, Offices and Signs

I am by nature a sarcastic person who often wonders about the collective brain power of the human race.  This website confirms my worries.

So, you ask, how else have I been amusing myself in the vast wasteland that is the internet? Well, let's talk office health and desk decor:

I found this desk yoga video helpful - the stretches actually work.

To hold up the books currently in piles all over my office and desk I need this.

Fun uses for alligator clips are found here.  I can't help it - I love office supplies.  Does that make me totally weird?

I also want a stand up desk. I have major back issues and lately sitting seems to make it worse.  I think the Pottery Barn Bedford Desk would be way cool:


Too bad for me it is ridiculously expensive and I am cheap.

I could go for one of these balance ball chairs, but I am notoriously uncoordinated and would probably roll off and hurt myself.

What is your dream office or desk set-up?

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